Friday, November 13, 2009

A win and then shut-down

The guys in Nice earned an important point this morning over Artemis and were well on their way to a critical win over the Synergy team when the wind shut down - again - on the first run. The time limit expired and the race was abandoned.

BMW ORACLE Racing now has an even 3 and 3 record, with just the one match against Synergy remaining in the opening Round Robin. A win will put the team into fourth place. A loss drops them into a complicated tie-breaking scenario that could leave them as far down the table as sixth place.

(Paul Todd - Louis Vuitton Trophy)

Grinder Brian 'Puck' MacInnes, a fellow Canadian, reflects on the day.

"We had a couple of close tacks with Artemis (on the second lap of the course) and then we split before the top mark. We had a nice shift there and got ahead of them and held on," he said talking about the passing move in the first race.

He said the team wasn't too surprised the wind deserted the race course in the second match: "The wind shut down but it was expected. The breeze has been dying out around mid-day typically."

(Paul Todd - Louis Vuitton Trophy)

And he says a win to close out the Round Robin would be very welcome: "We'd like to be in the top four at the end of the Round Robin. I don't think we've been sailing badly. I think we've been a little bit unlucky and haven't taken advantage of some situations when we could have. We had a chat about that this morning, about getting back to the basics and to what we do well and I think today was a better day."

Although the team has now come ashore, racing hasn't been abandoned for the day. If the afternoon breeze arrives, there will be more racing today in Nice to close out Round Robin One.