Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The BOR 90 is off the dock

With the wing sail attached, the BOR 90 left the dock at 09:15 in San Diego. The wing was in a horizontal position and the boat was 'pushed' out by the pusher RIBs, just as the team has practiced over the past two days.

Of course, like everything else today, this is pioneering stuff. It couldn't be practiced with the wing attached, so this was another full-scale, real-time test.

The BOR 90 has now shifted to a mooring just off the team base in San Diego Bay, where load testing will continue. Gilles Martin-Raget is out on the water with the boat and we'll have more images when he returns.

The comment of the morning comes from one of our crane operators, Bob. When I asked him what he thought, he said, "It kind of defies all common sense. We pick up a lot of unusual things, but I think this has just moved to the top of my list."