Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The day after: Resilient

By last night at 21:00, just four hours after the BOR 90 returned to the base without its mast, and less than two hours after the recovered mast section was pulled in, you'd have been hard-pressed to know anything had happened. As a newcomer to the team, I found the response yesterday to be an impressive display of professionalism. The base was cleaned up and squared away like nothing had happened.

But of course, something significant had happened - the boat at the pontoon in front of the base didn't have a mast - and how the team deals with this setback will go a long way to defining its character (think of Jimmy Spithill's quote to reporters last night).

In that vein, this morning, at 09:00, the full team convened for a meeting in the sail loft at the base to discuss how to move forward.

Somewhat surprisingly, it might not be as difficult as it would first appear. This is because we were already scheduled to move ahead with testing of a new rig platform next week (more on that later).

So this morning, the clean-up continues. But already, the events of yesterday seem to be firmly in the rear view mirror. Overall, plans haven't had to change very much.

We'll have more - including some words from design team coordinator Ian Burns - this afternoon.