Monday, November 30, 2009

Getting ready to ship out

Over the weekend the wing came down and was removed from the BOR 90, which itself was then hauled from the water on Saturday afternoon. Most of the team were given a hard-earned day off on Sunday.

But Monday means back to work. This week, the team is beginning its preparations to ship out from San Diego. And while the base is beginning to be packed up, some minor modifications are being made to the BOR 90.

"Moving from a soft mainsail to a hard wing sail was a massive, but successful upgrade," explains team CEO Russell Coutts. "We’ve sailed for nearly three weeks in the new configuration and we've learned a huge amount in this time.

"There is some fine-tuning of the boat to the wing and we're taking the opportunity to make these changes before the boat is shipped to Valencia."

The trimaran is currently enveloped in a custom-built tent where the work is taking place and where the boat will also be prepared for shipping.