Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Andrea Casimirri (ITA) has been scaling rigs for over a decade now, but yesterday marked a first for him when he was the first team member to be hoisted to the top of the new wing mast. “It’s really different. When on the conventional mast you feel small but on this one you feel like a fly,” he said after his first day up the 190-foot wing. “There’s not much to hold onto.”

Andrea was amazed that the team went through all the usual steps of getting a new rig in and even had it out sailing – all in one long, but magical day. “Usually it takes

a day to step, a day to load test and it is three days before a short test sail. For me, yesterday was unreal – it was like three days in one.”

Andrea is still getting accustomed to his new rig, but yesterday will long be a day he remembers. “For sure, in my experience of rigs, it was like getting to the top of Everest.”