Saturday, November 14, 2009

Not a day off for everyone

Many on the team had the day off on Friday in San Diego, but not everyone.

The BOR 90 is fully crewed, 24 hours a day now, as it sits on a mooring with the wing up. Magnus Clarke (CAN) is responsible for taking care of the watch system on board when the boat isn't sailing.

"I'm the 'skipper' when Jimmy Spithill isn't on board," he jokes. In the picture above, you can see Magnus and his crew enjoying lunch on board.

On Friday, the BOR 90 was flying two small sails which help to orient the boat into the wind when it's on its mooring. Many boats cruising in San Diego Bay came to see the trimaran and its unusual mooring arrangement, including a replica of the schooner America, for which the America's Cup is named.

Thanks to Gilles Martin-Raget - who also didn't take the day off - for the pictures and description of the day.