Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mounting up

Team video producer John von Seeburg and his video crew have taken advantage of a maintenance day on the BOR 90 to mount some fixed video cameras.

The idea is to capture more on-the-water action as testing continues this month.

"Two cameras have been mounted today and we'll see how that goes in the sailing session on tomorrow (Tuesday)," said John von. "Hopefully we can add some more as the week goes on. We'll be able to capture HD video from on the boat. We're looking for epic sailing shots. I think this is a boat that deserves that kind of technology.

"This is still an experiment at this point and we'll be tinkering with the set-up over the duration of this testing session to try and get the best footage we possibly can. Our plan is to get more footage up on our YouTube channel so everybody can see how incredible this boat is in action."

The YouTube channel was launched in the middle of the summer and is a growing repository for video from the team.