Saturday, November 14, 2009

An uphill climb ahead

A tough loss this morning to the Russian Synergy team dropped BMW ORACLE Racing from fourth to sixth place at the conclusion of Round Robin 1. Although equal on points with Artemis and Synergy, we lose out on the tie-breaker and are ranked below the other two.

(Bob Grieser - Louis Vuitton)

That means the team is in the bottom half of the rankings heading into the modified second round and BMW ORACLE Racing will now sail each of the top four teams over the coming days. Only the top four teams qualify for the Semi Final at the end of the second round.

"We're not out of it yet guys," pitman Jamie Gale told the crew in the debriefing after the race. "If we win three of the four, we'll be in the semis."

And there's already been an upset in round two. Winless in the first round, Team PagesJaune beat the second ranked Azzurra squad this afternoon.

The BMW ORACLE guys came off the water just before noon today, and headed for a gym session after their race debrief. They'll gather later this afternoon for a team-bonding session to watch the All Blacks rugby game, and find out this evening who their race partners are for Sunday's session.