Monday, November 9, 2009

Secret weapon revealed

It's here! The existence of the long-rumoured wing rig for the BOR 90 was confirmed today when the flaps on the tent where it was assembled were peeled back revealing the enormous foil.

The wing will be wheeled out of the tent - very slowly - over the next day or two, and depending on the weather, it will be installed in the boat and full-scale testing is expected to begin later in the week.

For his part, sailing coach Glenn Ashby (AUS) can't wait to see it on the BOR 90: "This is one of the most awesome sailing projects you could ever be involved with in terms of pushing technology. Just seeing it go out on the water is going to be awesome.

"It's going to take a few days before we get it loaded up and get going. But I think when we really start winding it up, it's going to be an incredible experience. If the big wing is anything like the smaller wings (which Glenn has sailed on A and C Class catamarans) when you get up to speed and get it going, it's just going to be awesome."

Full story is on the team website.