Friday, February 12, 2010

On board with Jimmy Spithill

I had a brief chance to speak with skipper Jimmy Spithill as the boat is on it's long sail in to port.

On the pre- start: “We did a pretty nice job. We were able to get the penalty and really had them on the ropes. But we got locked in to windward and tried to tack out but had a bit of a fumble and got stuck in the breeze. It didn't turn out the way I wanted it to! But leading up to that, the guys did a great job of putting us in a very powerful position.”

On boat speed: “I always thought if we were able to fly a hull we'd be faster upwind, but I was genuinely surprised downwind.”

On needing one more win: “We're taking each race as it comes… There is stuff we can do to improve. Obviously downspeed we need some practice! We're excited to get this one in. It's full credit to the guys. For the shore guys and the guys who got it ready for us, today was a day where everything was great on the boat and that was really key for us as well.”