Saturday, February 20, 2010

The key to the city

Just a quick note from the event - still happening - at San Francisco town hall. Mayor Gavin Newsom has just presented Larry Ellison and the BMW ORACLE Racing team with a key to the city. In doing so, Mayor Newsome paid tribute to the characteristics that he thinks would make his city a perfect venue to host the 34th America's Cup.

"This is a city of dreamers and doers and entrepreneurs and innovators - a city that has always been on the leading and cutting edge. So it is right and proper that we celebrate this accomplishment and hope that the Defence of this Cup will be right here on San Francisco Bay."

The crowd of hundreds on hand erupted in applause.

They were equally enthusiastic with Larry Ellison noted: "This has always been my favourite place to sail! Where else in the world can you get 28 knots of wind - every day - guaranteed? It's a fantastic place to hold a sailboat race, especially the America's Cup."

A press conference is scheduled to begin in a few minutes, so we'll have more from San Francisco shortly.