Friday, January 22, 2010

Thursday afternoon - coach Allen reports in

The wind eased to near calm conditions later in the afternoon on Thursday sailing session, but sailing team coach Joey Allen (NZL) was still pumped up coming off the water. Another day at the office working at 'the greatest job on earth'.

At least that's the way he sees it.

He's joined the team for this final sprint towards race day, with a focus on helping the sailing team iron out its crew work through all of the race course manoeuvres.

"It's an extreme yacht to learn," he said after sailing today. "The game's on. We have plenty of work to do...

"The boat has taken a massive amount of development and engineering," he explains, adding that while the focus to date has been on boat speed, now the team is turning their attention to crew work.

"I'm just trying to help where I can. I'm not an expert on multihulls but i do have a lot of America's Cup experience and I'm just trying to help where I can."

On Thursday, the team had a full day on the water, with the mast and wing sail being stepped into the boat in the morning, USA leaving the mooring before noon, and several hours of sailing through the afternoon.

There was a light to moderate breeze early in the afternoon, but it eased to near calm conditions later.

Allen says they'll be keeping focused on their boat and development as preparations continue for the America's Cup Match.

"It's like getting ready to go to the moon. It's the most extreme vessel anyone's ever attempted to build, and if feels like we're heading off into space."

The greatest job on earth - or beyond!