Friday, January 15, 2010

Counting down

It's been a big 10 days or so for the team in Valencia.

The BOR 90 has arrived safely from San Diego and been prepared for race mode. The team weathered a tremendous storm on Thursday without taking any damaging hits, and over this weekend, the BOR 90 will go in the water ahead of its first sail in Valencia waters next week.

Oh… and Monday morning marks three weeks until Race One of the 33rd America's Cup Match.

With that in mind, and with team clothing supplier SLAM in town, Friday night marked an opportunity to combine a family and friends BBQ with a SLAM fashion show.

But before the food and festivities, team CEO Russell Coutts convened an all-hands meeting to address the troops.

"The important thing now is how we use our time in the next three weeks," he said.

"I think there will be a massive amount of interest in this America's Cup… and we all face a tremendous amount of pressure to get this right. We aren't going to get a second chance. So we have to do everything possible to make sure we are all thinking of every contingency, that we're 100% prepared, and that we don't get complacent.

"It's up to all of us individually to know what is required and to be the best we can be as it is a big challenge that lies ahead of us.

"We've achieved the first milestone in getting the boat here and ready. The boat is in a fantastic state. Now it's up to us to finish it off properly."

As of Saturday morning - 23 days to go.