Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The BOR 90 becomes USA

When the trimaran left its mooring in the Port of Valencia today, it did so with a big USA on the back of the boat.

Keen observers will remember that USA is the name of the boat described in the challenge for the America's Cup by the Golden Gate Yacht Club.

CEO Russell Coutts later told media that as the boat was now in Spanish waters, it should sail under its racing name, USA.

On the wing sail, the boat is identified as USA 17, a sail number that team founder Larry Ellison has used with great success on many of his sailing campaigns, including his Maxi boat Sayonara, which won five world titles.

After sailing today, as expected, the team decided to pull the wing sail out and put it back in the tent, in anticipation of the strong winds forecast for Wednesday.

The initial test sail was a success - "About as good a first day as you could hope for," was the way trimmer Ross Halcrow (NZL) put it to me this evening.

(Spanish media take in the maiden sail of USA in Spanish waters)

The sailing programme will continue as soon as possible, with Thursday and Friday currently looking positive in terms of weather.