Tuesday, January 19, 2010

'It's a big beast'

With the complex process of getting the wing sail aboard the BOR 90 complete, the sailing team and shore crew are now making final preparations for sailing this afternoon.

I took the opportunity to speak with Max Sirena (ITA), who is a member of the larger sailing team, but has also taken on responsibility for many aspects of the wing sail logistics. I asked him about the process of moving the wing.

"It's always a little bit tricky because it's such a big beast!" he says.

"The big difference between here and San Diego is that it more choppy on the water, so it's tricky to get the mast on the mast step. You have to pick the right moment. But we did it. As you can see, it's there, it's up and it looks great."

Max and his team will get more practice at the logistics of moving the wing this afternoon. With heavy winds forecast overnight and into tomorrow, the wing will almost certainly be removed from the boat after sailing today, unless the forecast changes dramatically.

"Tonight, we'll probably take the wing off again as we're supposed to have big breeze," he explained. "And here, compared to San Diego, there is a lot more wind up high, at mast height, so it's best to be safe."