Wednesday, December 2, 2009


As the BMW ORACLE Racing team packs up shop in San Diego for the move to Valencia, many on the team have been outspoken about what a great time they've had here. The phrase, 'We came for six weeks and stayed for 16 months' has been bandied about (even if in reality it's more like 14 months).

Regardless, every day here has been fruitful towards our pursuit of the America's Cup. The weather has provided perfect conditions for testing the BOR 90, day after day after day. We've made a lot of improvements to the boat and we've made a lot of friends along the way as well.

Yesterday, team COO Stephen Barclay (NZL) went up to the Port with one of those friends - Troy Sears - to receive several proclamations and gifts from the City of San Diego, the Office of the Mayor, the Port of San Diego and the Port Tenants Association. Mayor Jerry Sanders even declared December 1st, 2009 to be BMW ORACLE Racing day in the city.

(The Port proclamation was presented by (at left) Ronald Powell, Director of Communications for the Port of San Diego, and Stephen P. Cushman, Chairman of the Board of Port Commissioners to Stephen Barclay and Troy Sears. Thanks to Dale Frost - Port of San Diego for the image)

For our part, as a team, we are humbled by the support we've received and the friendship that's been given so freely to us. It would be impossible to thank everyone by name here, although some do stand out: The City, County of San Diego and Mayor Jerry Sanders; the Port of San Diego and the Port Tenants Association; the Navy, Coast Guard and Harbor Police, who have been so helpful in recognising the unique requirements of our boat;  the San Diego Yacht Club and Coronado Yacht Club; Ray Carpenter and R.E. Staite Company; Troy Sears and his crew on America; and everyone else who has made our stay in San Diego so productive and enjoyable. Your support has been invaluable. Thank you.