Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Step by step

(The BOR 90 sits on the Ocean Lady on Monday - Bob Grieser)

Loading of the Ocean Lady continues overnight in San Diego. Our intrepid video producer John von Seeburg (USA) is putting in the long hours along with the shore crew and says that as of 04:30 local time in San Diego, the wing has been moved by floating crane to the ship and will be lifted on board shortly.

He also spoke to design coordinator Ian 'Fresh' Burns (AUS) earlier in the night: "The ship is here, we've had a lot to put on it and we've been going step-by-step," getting everything in it's place.  He also said it's "quite a step in the campaign to be going to Valencia. We're excited - after over a year here in San Diego, we're almost off now!"