Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas on the Oceanlady

While most on the team have had a chance to re-connect with family and friends over the holiday, that's not the case for two of our guys on board the Oceanlady.

Mathieu Feron (FRA) and Michel Mengardon (FRA) are the two members of the shore crew who have elected to accompany our precious cargo as it makes its way by sea from San Diego to Valencia.

But that's not to say they didn't celebrate Christmas. Matt has sent in this picture of Christmas dinner - roast pig, cooked on a home-made BBQ. And you can see the Christmas tree in the background.

No doubt some of our Kiwi team members can appreciate the BBQ element of the celebration! The crew of many nationalities shared the common bond of family, and all toasted absent family and friends over dinner.

Meanwhile, the Oceanlady continues to steam towards Valencia at speeds near 18 knots, with the America's Cup Match just a shade over six weeks away.