Sunday, May 23, 2010

A tough start

The French Aleph team is earning a reputation as giant killers and BMW ORACLE Racing became the latest to fall to the surging French team.

BMW ORACLE had a good start and led for the first couple of crosses, before switching from the right to the left side of the race track and that gave the French the opening they needed.

Aleph led by just seven seconds at the top mark and appeared as if they would lead through the leeward gate before Jimmy Spithill and JK found a tiny gap to stick their bow inside at the mark rounding. 

Aided by excellent crew work on the late gennaker drop, it appeared for a moment as if they had regained the lead, but Aleph remained in control on the right side of the race track and protected the rest of the way.

So BMW ORACLE is 0-1 while the surprising French team is on top of the leaderboard at 2-0. There are more postponements now (1430 local), which means it's extremely unlikely we'll get to the 'extra' fourth flight which would have seen BOR vs. ETNZ. That will almost certainly have to wait for another day.

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