Saturday, May 22, 2010

Done for the day

Unfortunately, everything co-operated but the wind in La Maddalena today. Just one flight of racing was completed with the BMW ORACLE Racing / ETNZ match postponed to another day. Light winds were the culprit on what was a stunningly bright day in Sardinia. The teams were able to transfer to the race boats in anticipation of a start, but got no further as the wind rarely exceeded three knots following the first flight of racing.

The schedule rolls on, however, with Flights 4, 5, and 6 on the card for Sunday. The missed match against Emirates Team New Zealand will be made up whenever the schedule allows. That could be as early as tomorrow, if race officer Peter Reggio can squeeze in a fourth flight of racing.

So that means BMW ORACLE Racing is up against the French Aleph team in Flight 4, Match 2. That's the first flight on the schedule, so the warning signal will be at 10:10 local time in Sardinia (GMT+2).

If you're a fan of the team, you'll recognise the skipper of Aleph as Bertrand Pace, who was a training helmsman for BMW ORACLE Racing in the not too distant past. Pace and his team are gaining a bit of a reputation for the upset. Although Aleph was at the bottom of the table in Nice and second to last in the Louis Vuitton Trophy in Auckland, they stunned the Kiwis with a well-deserved win over ETNZ on home waters and they opened with a win over TeamOrigin and their Olympic medal laden crew in one of two matches sailed today. So Jimmy and co. won't be counting their chickens on this one.

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