Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Team vs. team

Racing at the second day of the RC 44 Worlds was thrown into chaos due to light winds that were non-existent for most of the day. Of the two races sailed, however, one featured BMW ORACLE Racing’s two crews squaring off in a head-to-head match.

Skipper Jimmy Spithill exacted a measure of revenge on CEO Russell Coutts when he guided 17 to a victory over BMW ORACLE Racing. At the previous RC 44 event in Valencia in July it was Coutts who mastered Spithill.

Today, both crews fought for the right side of the racecourse off the start line, but it was 17 that got the favored side. On the right was a shift that 17 tacked into, and lifted away from BMW ORACLE Racing.

Coutts and crew kept it close at the leeward gate, rounding inside and tacking away to the right to clear air, but Spithill and 17 were able to maintain their cover and win the match.

It was an important win as Spithill and crew solidified the top spot on the leaderboard in the abbreviated format.

Spithill and 17 advanced to race Artemis in the championship for the match racing. They took a 1-0 lead this afternoon in light and streaky winds.