Tuesday, June 1, 2010

All or nothing

It's a day to win races here in La Maddalena for the BMW ORACLE Racing team. With just two races remaining in its round robin and only one point on the board, the team must win both scheduled races in order to advance. But even at that, the guys will need some help. The two teams it is possible to catch are Luna Rossa and Azzurra. In the case of Luna Rossa, BOR would need to finish one point clear ahead, having lost their head to head race, so they need Aleph to beat LR today. In the case of Azzurra, BOR races them today and must win, but will also need TeamOrigin to beat the Italian team in order to have a shot. 

BMW ORACLE Racing opens the day with a match against Mascalzone Latino, and then meets Azzurra in the fourth match on the schedule. Racing is scheduled to start with a warning signal at 0900 on Tuesday. Follow the event website for scheduling updates.