Saturday, April 17, 2010

Scott Ferguson's 'Wing Night'

Rig designer Scott Ferguson made a presentation at Sail Newport on Friday evening. The following report comes to us from Brad Read, Executive Director of Sail Newport...

To a sold out audience, Jamestown's Scott Ferguson presented a facinating look at the development, construction and implementation of BMW ORACLE Racing's Wing Sail used in the 33rd America's Cup.

"We needed a bigger room!" said Brad Read, Executive Director of Sail Newport.

Grand Prix boat builders, designers, world champion sailors, daysailors, AC fans and AC veterans were rivoted to the detailed discussion of the largest solid wing structure ever conceived for a sailing craft.

'Ferg' shared the loading, construction, control mechonisms and well as dozens of great sailing stories.

Scott was asked detailed questions from the audience and while answering he often checked in with his fellow marine engineers in the audience.

The human story of the design, build and sailing teams was what struck a cord with the audience. With the emotion of a Stanley Cup winner, a Super Bowl champion or a part of any winning team, Ferg let us all know what a monumental effort everyone associated with the BMW ORACLE Racing team had made. Immensly proud and humbled by the project.

Thank you to Kim and Scott Ferguson and BMW ORACLE for this fantastic presentation.

Thanks for the report Brad and to Kim Ferguson for the images.