Friday, April 23, 2010

Nice Ink - Oracle Magazine

The May issue of Oracle Magazine has an in-depth feature story 'Sailing Home with the Prize' with design coordinator Ian 'Fresh' Burns who gives the background on some of the technology used by the team in its campaign.

"The story of this race is in the technology," according to Fresh.

Data mining was among the many areas where Oracle contributed to the team's campaign. According to Burns, being able to sort, analyse and make sense of vast amounts of data was critical in a one-boat campaign like this one.

"With Oracle database technology, we could compare our performance from the first day of sailing to the very last day of sailing, with incremental improvements the whole way through. With data mining we could check data against the things we saw, and we could find things that weren’t otherwise easily observable and findable."

The full story, by Jeff Erickson, is here.