Thursday, October 22, 2009

Welcome to the BMW ORACLE Racing team blog - 2.0

Hello and welcome to the BMW ORACLE Racing team blog, 2.0.

The purpose of this team blog is to allow our friends, families and supporters to share the story of our challenge for the 33rd America’s Cup. It follows on from the very popular team blog - BOB - from the 32nd America's Cup.

For all the official team news, you can visit our team website at If it’s videos of our team in action you'd like to see, why not check out our YouTube page here.

But, as with the BOB in 2007, this blog is where you’ll find the more informal vignettes, ‘family snapshots’ and a behind the scenes view of our team and our campaign for the Cup. We aim to deliver a slice of life as it's lived by the team. And in the process, hopefully, you'll come to learn more about the men and women behind BMW ORACLE Racing.

This 33rd America’s Cup challenge is like nothing that’s gone before in the long history of this storied competition. Both teams, ourselves and the defender of the America’s Cup, Alinghi, have built incredible boats, the likes of which have never been seen, nor sailed, let alone raced at the highest level of competition.

Our boat, a trimaran known as the BOR 90, is a tribute to the imagination and hard work of our designers, engineers and boatbuilders. The process of testing and improving her is a testament to the courage and skill of our sailors.

These are the stories of our team, BMW ORACLE Racing.