Thursday, October 29, 2009

Preparing for sailing

The BOR 90 is back in the water, the mast is up, and the team is preparing for the first testing session of the boat in its new configuration.

Getting the boat ready after it's been out for five weeks of mods is a major undertaking. The new configuration includes - for the first time on this boat and the first time in the history of the America's Cup - an engine, following the Rules as issued by the Defender. The engine will be used to drive the hydraulic system and winches and essentially replaces the power the boat used to get from the grinders.

Since the boat returned to the water on Sunday the shore team has been all out preparing it to sail. The mast went up on Monday afternoon, on Tuesday the daggerboards were put on board and each day has seen various work teams conducting load tests, engine, hydraulic and electronic system tests, each doing their bit to ensure the boat is fully prepared for sailing again.

Depending on weather, Thursday and Friday are scheduled as sailing days, with all eyes on how the new modifications perform when the sailing team puts the hammer down.