Friday, December 17, 2010

A sensational party to celebrate the end of an era

The team celebrated Christmas and bid farewell to the Base with a very special dinner party at number 8, Muelle de la Aduana.

After a warm welcome by two red-wigged masked angel-like dressed ladies, we enjoyed catching up with one another in a very familiar environment, that of the hospitality area of the base, which has been home for many of us for the last few years.

We all felt at ease until we were told to wear a blindfold, to relax and to FEEL.

We were guided through the Door of the Dreams or the Door of the Memories to take our seat, and an amazing journey began. Each one of us became the absolute protagonist of an adventure through new spaces opened up by our imagination and guided by our senses.

In the absence of sight, we were bombarded with a kaleidoscope of images, surprising tastes, delicate aromas, suggestive music, startling sounds, and were topped off with warm touches.

(From left) Kate (soon to be Mrs. Khan), Rebeca, Chad, Eduardo, Jos, Asim and Dolores

It felt like time stopped and we were free to stop worrying and thinking, while fairies (or angels) took care of everything else, pampered us, spoiled us!

Some of us completely relaxed, some felt slightly uncomfortable in a space and time where the only familiar element was Cathy’s contagious laugh and Carlos’ funny expressions of surprise.

It was a truly unique and surprising experience and an unforgettable way to say good bye to the base, where for seven years the team has worked hard and shared joy, disappointment, happiness, stress and ultimately success.

(From left) Simeon, Francis, Manolo, Niccol├│, John, Cathy, Nacho and Berit

“It was the one dinner I will never forget. I felt like I died and I woke up in heaven,” said Manolo Ruiz de Elvira. “What a fantastic way to keep the good memories of a stage in our life. I feel a bit sad, but just a bit, because the end of a stage represents the beginning of a new one.”

“It was a complete surprise. I am very happy to be here tonight. During my stay in Valencia the team became like a family. The greatest thing was to win the Cup and hold the trophy with Cathy as well as sharing the success with each team member, because it is everybody who makes this team a special one,” said Simeon.

What happened once we entered the Door of the Dreams and the Door of the Memories at Muelle de la Aduana, Base 8, we leave to the imagination of the reader!

A heartfelt thank you to Maria, Lisa, Laurent and Pablo for organizing a special, unforgettable night.

Happy holidays and hasta pronto!
--Irene Corosu

(From left) Sofia, Vicky, Lucy and Sara await their dreams and memories

(From left) Maria, Benedetta, Niccol├│ and Lisa