Thursday, September 16, 2010

Programming note

The sailing program Mainsail was at the International C Class Catamaran Championship in Newport, R.I., last month recording the action where BMW ORACLE Racing skipper Jimmy Spithill and sailing coach Glenn Ashby placed second to Canadian victors Fred Eaton and Magnus Clarke.

The program features interviews with Spithill, Ashby and Clarke as well as some outstanding race footage. Watch Ashby and Spithill nail a port-tack start at high speed in winds around 18 knots!

The program will be aired this weekend on CNN International on the following schedule:

Thursday, Sept. 16, 1230 and 1730 BST
Saturday, Sept. 18, 0730 and 2100 BST
Sunday, Sept. 19, 0430, 0830 and 1600 BST
Monday, Sept. 20 at 0230 BST

The program can also be viewed on the CNN website: