Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wingmen and champions

This comes to us this morning - with appreciation - from Tom Ehman in Auckland.

Two of only four skippers to win the America's Cup as challengers since AC1 in 1870 were together this morning for a media breakfast. They are the "wingmen" -- John Bertrand had the winged-keel in 1983, and Jimmy had the wing-sail in 2010. Interesting, too, that both are Aussies. Peter Rusch will have more on all that posted nearby soon.

I just wanted to note with appreciation the work Peter (CAN, BOR PR team) has done here in AKL during the LVT. Peter, pictured below early this morning recorder in hand, has been doing double duty here -- working for LV in the media center while still finding time to blog for BOR and help Jane and I with our team-related duties. Thanks, Peter!

(Peter Rusch, far left, in action here in AKL this morning. He edits this blog for which our team gets kudos, but he is rarely depicted -- hence this.)