Friday, February 12, 2010

We're off

Our trimaran, USA, slipped it's mooring line shortly after 09:00 CET this morning to head out to the race course.

"Hopefully we can get a race off today," said team CEO Russell Coutts. "It's quite a complicated weather forecast but hopefully there will be a window in there where we get some breeze. We'd love to get a race going."

The Race Committee issued the following at 08:30 local time.

"The Race Committee will depart Port America's Cup at approximately 0900 hrs and will proceed to the Race Course Area. Racing will be conducted in an area with the Race Committee Boat positioned at approximately 39.50.000 N Latitude and 000.07.000 E Longitude.

"All Race Committee Boats will be involved in setting the Race Course. Racing is expected to begin at approx 1200hrs."

Let's go racing!